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Protecting Injured People with the SRN 1000

Protecting Injured People with the SRN 1000

While you may understand the use of the SRN 1000 in covering crime scenes, one of the other larger benefits of our barrier systems is that they can protect an injured person. Whether the person is injured from a simple accident, or if it’s from some sort of crime, their protection and safety can never be undervalued. Not only will the SRN 1000 protect the privacy of injured people, but it will also assist first responders in completing their jobs quickly and efficiently. Lastly, the SRN 1000 will ensure the area around the scene stays clear and moving. 

Now that you have a basic understanding of how to protect injured people with our barrier systems, let’s dive into the specifics of each of these benefits. 

Protecting Their Privacy

Arguably the most important reason to invest in an SRN 1000 is to protect the privacy of the injured person that first responders are assisting. In today’s day and age, the media is everywhere, and a fender bender can quickly become front page news with the right image or video. It’s up to the police and other first responders to manage the scene and ensure that the victim or affected person is properly shielded from prying eyes. 

No matter what situation has the injured person asking for help, they shouldn’t have to worry about passerbys staring at them and invading their privacy. The injured person did not ask for that attention, they just asked for first-aid assistance. 

Creates an Efficient Scene

Imagine trying to work and complete your job quickly, with a bunch of lay people coming up to the scene and intervening, or perhaps even messing up valuable evidence – it would be impossible to do. While crime scene or police tape will certainly deter most from stepping into the scene, it won’t prevent people from crowding and attempting to look into the scene; only an SRN 1000 system will. 

Although you certainly could try to set up a tarp or sheet to create some sense of privacy, most of the time, these are cheap and flimsy, so they’re likely to fall down or collapse. You need a sturdy barrier, that is quick and easy to assemble, so that you can focus on treating the injured person and not have to worry about constantly fixing the barrier. 

Prevents Rubbernecking

While we hinted at rubbernecking before, now it’s time to take a deep look at how to prevent it. Ask any first responder and they will say one of the most annoying and work-hindering things they have to face is rubbernecking. For context, rubbernecking is the slowing down of traffic (either in cars or on foot) while people attempt to get a glimpse of an accident or scene. It’s natural for humans to be curious, and while a lot of the time curiosity can be beneficial, when dealing with a delicate crime scene or injury, this curiosity can really prevent first responders from efficiently completing their jobs. 

Reducing rubbernecking is easy, simply cover the scene from prying eyes; when the scene is covered, there’s nothing for people to stop and look at, so there’s no slowing down. The quality and quick-assembly of the SRN 1000 will maintain the privacy of the scene, which will then reduce and prevent any rubbernecking. 

Now that you have an understanding of the benefits the SRN 1000 can bring in protecting injured people, give us a call today to purchase your barrier system. We look forward to hearing from you!


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