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Privacy Barrier Uses

Privacy Barrier Uses

We’ve told you about our barrier system and how easy it is to assemble, but what about its many uses? Our barrier system is important because privacy is important. The ability to create a private area at a moments notice is essential to creating comfort and protection. With a product as dynamic and customizable as the SRN 1000 Premier Barrier System, there are many ways to create privacy, safety and security anywhere.

Law Enforcement and First Responders

Emergencies can happen anywhere. The ability to create privacy in the field is imperative to upholding a victim’s dignity. A person in distress is at their most vulnerable. If you can make them feel a bit more comfortable by providing them with privacy, why wouldn’t you? Providing them with a protective barrier also protects them from unwanted photos taken by the media. Our barrier systems can also be used to secure crime scenes. Setting a barrier around the entire perimeter of a crime scene is necessary to keeping bystanders out of the area and protecting evidence. The SRN Barrier System is ready to be deployed in any given moment. It only requires one person to assemble the system in as little as five minutes. The barriers can also be customized to your organization with any message of your choice such as, caution, move over, slow down, stop, yield or officials at work. It is also easy to store away. It fits in a medium-sized duffle back that can be stored in the back of any police car or ambulance.

Medical Examiners

First responders do their best to clear the scene of an accident as quickly as possible, but when there is a fatality, special measures must be taken. The bodies and vehicles involved must be investigated thoroughly and forensic evidence must be protected. Bodies are often covered out of respect to victims, but to protect the body from onlookers, the privacy barrier can be used to shield the scene from passing motorists. This is not only respectful to the deceased and their families, but critical to keeping traffic moving and motorists focused.


Hospitals often use curtains to create privacy for their patients. But if there is a large emergency and an influx of patients are admitted, there may not be enough available bedding in areas where curtains are an option. In these cases, you need to get creative. With the SRN 1000 Premier Barrier System, you can create private areas to examine patients anywhere. Providing privacy in a hospital setting is a must. Patients are at risk for bodily exposure as they often need to undress for procedures or examinations. Alternative products to the SRN include vinyl covered portable dividing walls. Although they may help provide added levels of privacy in hospitals, their application is limited. The walls are fixed to wheels and are unstable. If emergency triage is necessary, they can’t be used outside because they can’t withstand wind. The SRN barrier system is multi use. Instead of buying barriers for both indoor and outdoor use, buy one product that can do it all.

Hotels and Arenas

The SRN Barrier System isn’t only for times of emergency. They can be used by hotels and large arenas to create VIP areas. Our barrier systems are easily extendable and can be converted into a canopy to create shaded areas. Black may not be the most friendly color for an arena or hotel event, but the canopies come in a variety of colors such as tan and white to suit your needs. The barrier systems are equipped with 15 pound ballast bags at each corner of the barrier system, making them secure against 30 mph winds. The fabric is also very durable, so you don’t need to worry about the barriers getting ruined by guests or party goers. The barriers can also be used to create paths that direct guests to the venue and block off restricted areas.


It’s an unfortunate reality that the most devastating attacks happen in schools. Columbine and Parkview are only two of many devastating shootings that took the lives of innocent students. Creating safety in schools is important to productivity. Students and teachers need to feel safe to work at their full potential. Knowing that there is a plan and the tools necessary to handle the situation creates peace of mind. We need to attack these problems at the root so that they don’t occur, but in case an emergency arises we need to be prepared. The SRN Magnetic Privacy Panel, a privacy screen fitted with industrial magnets to adhere to any steel surface,  can be used to adhere to any steel door to block visibility through classroom windows. Our barriers also come in a bullet resistant fabrics. The barrier system isn’t only necessary for emergency use in schools. They can be used to create temporary rooms within an existing floor plan. This is especially helpful in large gyms for conventions and workshops.

Aid groups:

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees reports that there are 68.5 million forcibly displaced people worldwide. When you are forced into a large group of people you are not familiar with, your privacy and comfort is diminished. Creating segmented, private areas will give displaced individuals a place to change and sleep comfortably. The SRN Barrier system can be used to help these displaced individuals feel safe in refugee camps and aid centers until permanent accommodations are available.

Uses for the SRN Barrier System are endless. The barriers can be customized to fit your needs in any scenario where privacy is needed. We want to hear from you! What uses do you have for the SRN 1000 Premier Barrier System? Leave a comment below.


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