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Law Enforcement

#1 Barrier System used by more than 500 law enforcement agencies across the USA!

Barrier Solutions For Emergency Service Personnel

Barrier by Design Security Barriers protect Emergency Services personnel and the privacy of accident victims. The barriers can be configured to various heights and lengths to block on-lookers, allowing EMS to work a scene while lowering the risk of additional accidents from rubberneckers. Adding additional panels creates coverage for large areas. Or, they can be disconnected and used individually in the labs.  

Barrier by Design Security Barriers are constructed of heavy-duty fabric and can be easily configured into rapid deployment triage, decontamination, and observation areas. The additional lighting options make the areas easily identifiable.

Law Enforcement Gallery

Our barriers are beneficial to medical examiners, coroners, emergency services personnel, law enforcement hazmat and decon. They reduce cross-contamination by ensuring a contained work area for forensic experts. The barriers can be configured to various heights and lengths, to block on-lookers and photographs, protecting the privacy of the victims and their families. 

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