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Top 3 Ways to Use the SRN Double Barrier System with Canopy

Top 3 Ways to Use the SRN Double Barrier System with Canopy

In today’s world of camera phones, drones and media helicopters, it is just as important to have overhead privacy and scene control. That is why we created the SRN Double Barrier System with Canopy. Our canopy system is 6 feet wide and 12 feet long. The canopy fabric is a 500 denier heavy-duty nylon, all weather resistant fabric with proper overhead ventilation. With this particular package, multiple set up configurations are possible!

The system includes:

  • Six tripods (up to 6.5 feet in height)
  • 5 top barrier screens, 5 bottom screens (each 6 feet in length)
  • Six beacon lights
  • Six weighted ballast bags
  • Two mobile travel bags
  • Two travel bags for the ballast bags and beacons
  • Eight tethers
  • One 6X12 foot canopy, three flex sticks, carry bag and blue tarp for layout.



The SRN Double Barrier System with Canopy can be configured for use in multiple industries and scenarios. Here are just a few examples of how it can create privacy, safety and security for those in need.

Protect Privacy

When an accident occurs, the most obvious threats to privacy are curious drivers with camera phones and photographers with high zoom lenses. But what about overhead threats to privacy? Media stations are now using drones and helicopters to bypass simpleton privacy protection. Another overlooked breach to privacy are onlookers from tall overhead buildings. This is a concern for the victims involved, but it is also a concern to owners of hotels, or other places where accidents are bound to happen, who want to protect their customers from witnessing something that may be disturbing. When an emergency occurs, a first responder can assemble a barrier system in a matter of minutes to conceal sensitive areas. Same goes for hotel personnel. Assembly only requires one person.

Create Comfort

When there is a natural disaster or situation that requires an evacuation, many people in search of shelter end up in a public space. Most commonly in a large open space like a gymnasium or field. Being lumped together with a lot of people you don’t know can feel like a breach of privacy. This is especially true of people who have small children, and ill or elderly family members. In general, privacy is one of the easiest ways to maintain or restore people’s dignity and comfort levels. Our barrier systems can be connected to create sections to offer privacy to families in this situation. The canopy creates added coverage and security in a more enclosed space, which provides individuals with a safe place to change, a dark space to sleep and a private place to get examined.

Shield from Bad Weather

When an emergency occurs, on scene triage is necessary, but outdoor conditions may not be ideal. The canopy can be used to shield a medical examiner’s instruments and the integrity of evidence from a crime scene. It can also provide medical examiners with a fully enclosed area to examine victims. Depending on the type of emergency, the canopy may be needed to protect from falling debris.

Convenience at Event Venues

Our SRN system and canopy can be used for more than times of emergency. If there is a sports game, concert or any outdoor event that requires overhead protection, our double barrier system with canopy is perfect. Why would you choose our system over any other canopy sold at your local supermarket? The answer is the quality. Our system will last you much longer than your average store bought canopy because the fabrics are durable and the structure is made of quality materials. Each system is made and assembled in the USA. It will also fare much better under heavy winds because each corner of the Double Barrier System is secured by 15 pound ballast bags that hold our steel tripods down against 30 mph winds. Steaks can also be used for additional support. Our barriers are also secured to our steel tripods using magnets and bungee cords. As the wind blows on the fabric, the resistance against the bungee cords will pull the fabric back in place, reattaching the magnets to the tripod.

Bonus: Total Customization

Another bonus is that our canopy systems are fully customizable. They come in a variety of colors and can feature your company or organization’s logo or any other branding you desire.

On our website, you can request a free quote for our Double Barrier System with Canopy. If you have any questions about our canopy system, leave a comment below!


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