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About Us

SRN Systems began with an inspired mission to protect roadside accident victims’ privacy from rubbernecking onlookers; today our patented portable privacy and security barriers protect first responders, victims, evidence and more quickly and effectively when minutes matter most.

Originally intended to shield crime and accident scenes, we’ve evolved and expanded to protect first responders, homicide investigations, medical, military, retail, hospitality, entertainment and education venues as Barrier by Design, a woman-owned company committed to manufacturing the very best customizable, expandable, privacy and security barrier systems in the USA.

Over 450 law enforcement, universities, hospitals, and first responders protect their teams, evidence, victims, and stakeholders with Barrier by Design barrier systems, Scene Shields and Triage Tents. We are proud to partner with them and would be honored to become yours.

How We Can Help

Now, Barrier by Design systems are customizable to fit the needs of the tactical industry for uses such as: 

Our History

In 2008, inspired by roadside accidents and curious onlookers, Carl Cannova set out to Stop Rubbernecking with the SRN 1000 Privacy and Security Barrier.  His goal was to create a durable, portable, quickly deployable barrier system that could block the view of roadside accidents from gawkers. Carl and his wife, Tommie developed the initial barrier system and road-tested it, with Florida law enforcement officials. The results were impressive.

This is a superior product to protect crime scenes,” said Manatee County Sheriff Brad Steube. “The system is durable, easy to travel with and set up, and it is a crucial tool to provide privacy for victims and officers at several types of traumatic events,” said Steube. 

As the company grew, so did industries and applications using SRN’s privacy and security barriers. Initially intended for vehicle accidents, coroners, and crime scene investigators to protect victims and investigative integrity and evidence from prying media and onlookers, the users grew to include fire, disaster relief, hospital, military, educational, and special event stadiums, arenas, and venues. 

In 2019, SRN Systems was acquired by Amy and Keith King who combined their 30-plus years of Detroit manufacturing with a desire to serve and protect law enforcement as a woman-owned, American-made small business.

Today, our Bradenton team continues to innovate and manufacture barrier solutions in a myriad of applications across the country for our friends in crime scene investigation, law enforcement, hospitality, education, healthcare, transportation and even pickleball. We pride ourselves on being an American manufacturer of the most durable, portable, customizable, adaptable and expandable barrier systems. Need a better barrier? Barrier by Design has you covered. 

WE are proud of our work

Many officers are grateful to have this durable, quickly deployable barrier system, to replace finicky, unstable aluminum poles, PVC pipes, and tarps, which require people to stand guard,” said Cannova. “That’s a waste of manpower, which could be used helping the accident victims and cleanup. Our barriers are a set it and forget it solution for busy teams.” 

We are proud to work with more than 450 law enforcement agencies from coast to coast protecting victims, preventing rubbernecking, and more,” explains Keith King, SRN Systems Inc., President.

New branding of products to solve barrier needs included Scene Shields (law enforcement) and Triage Tent (healthcare, medical) as SRN Systems expanded to meet market demand.


In 2021, the global pandemic brought a need for barriers of all shapes, sizes, materials, and configurations. SRN Systems, Inc. embraced the opportunity and shifted to product customization to suit industries and applications as needed or “by design.”

Today, Barrier by Design, an SRN Systems, Inc. brand, works with global customers to customize barriers according to situation or application and is developing barriers beyond our early vision. As a Florida-based manufacturer, Barrier by Design is ready to take on the next frontier to protect and secure your next event, scene, venue, or asset with American-made solutions. 

We look forward to working with you.

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