“The SRN 1000 system is very easy to use and requires very little training for officers. SRN makes a quality product that works great for accidents, crime scenes, and pedestrian traffic control during public events. The SRN team is great to work with, and has customer service that cannot be beat.”
– Pratt, Kansas Sheriff

“Good quality product. Salesman very helpful and knowledgeable.”
– Tarpon Springs PD

“Personally love the ease of setup and breakdown.”
– Irving Texas PD

“OUTSTANDING!!! We have been looking for this type of barrier system for a long time. We are very pleased, as well as our Evidence Techs. Our Major Crimes Task Force also uses the barrier system. We have put in a request to purchase another barrier system in the up coming year.”
– Skokie Illinois Police 

“The SRN 1000 has provided us with the privacy on crash scenes that we needed. We have used this product to protect the privacy and dignity of the victims at fatal crash scenes. It not only provides us with a public field of view obstruction but it also assisted us with traffic control as it reduced the “rubbernecking.” It is professional in appearance and much more durable than our previous system. Our department would highly recommend the SRN 1000 Barrier System.”
– Largo Florida Police

“Excellent Barrier system, great people to work with.”
– Tennesee Bureau of Investigations

“Shipping was prompt and all components were received. Assembly was easy and the thumb drive was clear and useful.”
– Delray beach Florida Police 

“We have used the SRN barrier system on several different occasions and we love them!”
– Volusia County Sheriff Florida

“We used the SRN system on an interstate grass medium where a car hit a semi head on in the wrong lane and burned up.  We set up the barrier system for control of the scene and protecting the integrity of the body.”
– Lavista Nebraska Police dept.

“In 2014, the Manhattan Beach Police Department purchased two of the SRN 1000 Barrier Systems. We have used them primarily for fatal traffic collisions and major incidents, which have provided scene security for our officers and dignity for the victims. In 2015, we purchased two more systems to increase our ability to secure a major scene from the public eyes. We are very happy with the barrier system, the easy setup and highly recommend the SRN 1000 Barrier System to any police or fire department.”
– Manhattan Beach Police Department-

“The assembly and disassembly is very easy for my staff and I, but as of this date we have not use it on a crime scene.”
– Miami Gardens Police

We used the SRN 1000 during the recovery of a body in a residential neighborhood. This occurred during the time students were coming home from school. The barrier proved very helpful.
– Long Beach Mississippi Police

“We use our Barrier System primarily on fatality crash scenes. It keeps those that have no need to see the victims from doing so. I feel like it has likely prevented pictures/videos from being strewn across the internet by those who don’t respect the victim’s families in such matters. Easy to assemble and seems to be well made thus far.”
– Springfield Missouri Police

“Used it almost immediately on a Homicide at a Dry Cleaners, was able to place it at the front door; gave us the entry exit we needed, but allowed privacy from the media, helicopter filming, and gawking bystanders. Set up quickly after getting it there and we have ordered more extensions.”
– Lake Mary Florida Police 

“The Eden Police Department purchased the SRN 1000 in 2015. Since the purchase, we have deployed this system at several crime scenes. The system is easy to set up and one person can have it complete in just a few minutes. The SRN 1000 provides privacy for the detectives to do their work, while providing respect to the victim and family.”
 Eden Police NC

“The SRN 1000 has proved to be an asset to our investigative team. I would definitely recommend the SRN 1000 portable barrier system to any agency. We have used the system primarily for crime scene situations but also public events.”

Concord  California Police

“I was originally NOT in favor of buying the product but a supervisor who outranks me really wanted it. Within days of having it, we had to set it up without any practice. It worked flawlessly! We have used it several times in many different conditions. No negative issues at all. This is a far more superior product than the old PVC pipe system that we used before I took over our Crime Scene unit.”
– Memphis TN Police 

“THE SRN system is a durable and professional looking barrier system and is exactly what the Memphis Police Department was looking for. We would recommend this product to any agency.”
Iowa County Sheriff  Wisconsin

“The SRN 1000 has only been used once since it was purchased. It was so easy to set up, that people who had never seen it before, much less set it up had a question of how it went together or came down for storage.”
Tampa Florida police

“The barrier system works well and is easy to use.”
– UAF Police Dept.