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SRN 1000: First Responders Can’t Quickly Respond

SRN 1000: First Responders Can’t Quickly Respond

When there’s an emergency, you need help fast. However, that help will be delayed if the emergency scene is crowded or if there is rubbernecking preventing emergency vehicles from accessing the scene. The best, and really the only way to prevent this crowding and rubbernecking is by covering the scene. When you cover the emergency scene using the SRN 1000, you’re shielding the scene from passerbys that are making the job of emergency responders difficult. 

Below we will take a look at some of the reasons that not shielding the emergency scene can make an emergency responder’s job more difficult. 

  1. Rubbernecking

As we hinted at above, rubbernecking is one of the largest causes of first-response delays. Not only will first response vehicles have difficulties making it to the scene with that excessive traffic, but once they arrive at the scene, first responders will be limited in their work. The best way to prevent rubbernecking of traffic is to cover the scene that everyone is slowing down and staring at. For a quick and sturdy solution, implement the SRN 1000. We have variations for every situation, including extra-long barriers, barriers with canopies, and our premiere barrier package. 

  1. Lack of Scene Protection

Depending on the type of emergency you’re handling, privacy and security will be of the utmost importance. Not only does scene protection help the victim’s privacy, but it also allows first responders to complete their jobs quickly and efficiently, without outside onlookers or interference. Scene protection also shields passerbys; although they may be curious about what is going on, once they see it, it could be traumatizing. After all, blood, injuries, and even fatalities can all be part of these emergency scenes. 

  1. Maintaining Peace

The type of emergency situation you’re handling will determine the level of importance that scene privacy is, but in certain situations, maintaining scene privacy ties back to maintaining peace. If there are children involved or as in the case of Ferguson, Missouri, leaving a scene unprotected could cause rioting and unrest. By adding the SRN 1000 to your toolkit, you can ensure that the peace will be maintained in your community. This will further protect your city from accidents as well – it’s all a cycle. 

  1. Ensuring Security

If you’re working at or managing a delicate situation, maintaining security will be vital. No matter if it’s a crime scene, accident, or fatality, you need to protect the scene from prying eyes. In this day and age, the media and smartphones are everywhere, waiting to capture the latest news. The last thing you want to happen is for the victim’s privacy to be compromised. With the implementation of the SRN 1000 – especially the SRN 1000 with canopy, your scene will be covered from all angles and there will be no need to worry about prying eyes from above or the sides. 

Why Choose the SRN 1000? 

While you certainly could attempt to cover the scene using a sheet or tarp, you won’t find anything sturdier than the SRN 1000. Unlike flimsy sheets, the SRN 1000 can be quickly deployed and won’t fall down with heavy winds. The SRN 1000 will also last your department for years to come, even with frequent uses. Select from our wide variety of solutions, including barriers with canopies, or our barriers with extra coverage. Or, if you have questions on which system you should choose, give our team of experts a call today! 


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