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Increased Accidents and Slower Traffic Commutes

Increased Accidents and Slower Traffic Commutes

With so many people on the road, there are very few cities whose infrastructures can handle excessive traffic or rubbernecking. In fact, when accidents occur – even small ones – they can affect the entire city; angry commuters, slow emergency responses, and roadside hazards are just a few side effects of car accidents. 

Unfortunately, when an accident, injury, crime, or other emergency situation occurs, car accidents and rubbernecking are soon to follow. However, when you implement the SRN 1000, you can shield the scene from passerby’s and prevent rubbernecking. Below, we’ll dive into further details on the importance of preventing excessive traffic and potentially dangerous rubbernecking. 

Excessive Commute Times

Let’s face it, when people are stuck in traffic, they make rash and unwise decisions to get to their destination as soon as possible. Whether that includes crossing medians, driving straight in a turning lane, or speeding, these hasty decisions can be dangerous for everyone on the road. Not only is the driver at risk for getting in an accident, but they can also cause accidents involving innocent drivers or pedestrians. 

Although excessive traffic can’t always be avoided, we can all agree that car accidents cause traffic slowdowns. When the cause of the slowdown is shielded, however, the source of the slowdown is removed, traffic will move freely, and excessive commute times reduced. 

Prevent Emergency Response

If there is a crime, fire, or someone needing help, rubbernecking can prevent or slow down emergency responders. As you know, in an emergency situation, every minute is essential. Even with sirens on, rubbernecking can delay responders as they wait for cars to move out of the way. However, when you apply the SRN 1000 you immediately hide the source of the traffic slowdown and allow traffic to flow freely once again. When traffic is freely flowing, police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances can quickly get to their destination and help the people in need. 

Added Roadside Hazards

As we explained in our points above, crime scenes and other incidents cause roadside hazards and slow down traffic. However, on top of slowing down traffic, scenes on the side of the road can actually cause additional roadside hazards and additional accidents. Not only will there be the original participants of the incident involved, but so will emergency responders and potentially the media. These extra people and all of their belongings are just additional hazards that those driving by will have to contend with. 

Adding the SRN 1000, especially one of our double barrier packages or double barrier packages with a canopy, will provide the additional protection the scene needs to cover all the associated roadside hazards. 

If your department doesn’t yet have one of our SRN 1000 systems, you’re not doing your part in preventing excessive commute times, allowing emergency responders to access scenes, and covering roadside hazards. Just a small initial investment will protect your city for years to come; the high-quality materials we use won’t fall apart, and you don’t have to worry about the barriers blowing away in the wind. Purchase your SRN 1000 today!


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