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Industry Solutions

Barrier by Design’s Security Barriers deploy in minutes, without any tools to protect and provide privacy when it matters most. Our barrier’s adjustable, heavy-duty steel poles extend and adapt to all environments, indoor or outdoor, with weighted bases to stabilize them in all conditions. There are many industries that can benefit from having Barrier by Design Security Barriers.


Barrier by Design Security Barriers are valuable in the retail industry, especially to help with crowd control. Our barriers are great to use during special events such as promotional sales or new product launches. We can help keep the event organized and safe. 

Our barriers can also be used to block off portions of stores while doing maintenance work or merchandising. This can help you keep the store in operation while also making it a safe environment for customers. 


Our Barrier by Design Security Barriers provide the protection and security needed when dealing with crowds of people, whether that be in a busy public transportation station or airport. The barriers can keep construction zones out of view and can keep the crowd moving without delay. Our barriers can also be used to help with crowd control on those busy travel days. 


Our Security Barriers rapidly deploy to create temporary treatment areas for emergency department overflow as a surge capacity solution. Our barriers don’t require any tools to set up in minutes and dismantle quickly. Its compact, wheeled storage case makes onsite storage in utility areas easy.

Barrier by Design Security Barriers extend to endless lengths. With the patented turret system, additional panels can be added to create a limitless triage configuration. Panels can be customized by color to differentiate staging areas, aiding in rapid identification of need in emergency medical treatment.

Public Sector

Our barriers are beneficial to medical examiners and coroners, emergency services personnel, law enforcement hazmat and decon. They reduce cross-contamination by ensuring a contained work area for forensic experts. Fully adjustable and customizable, the security barrier’s height and width conceal the scene from onlookers. Adding additional panels creates coverage for large areas. Or, they can be disconnected and used individually in the labs.  

Barrier by Design Security Barriers protect Emergency Services personnel and the privacy of accident victims. The barriers can be configured to various heights and lengths to block on-lookers, allowing EMS to work a scene while lowering the risk of additional accidents from rubberneckers.

Our barriers also protect the integrity of crime scenes and reduce evidence cross-contamination. The barriers can be configured to various heights and lengths to block on-lookers and photographs, protecting the privacy of the victims and their families.

Barrier by Design Security Barriers are constructed of heavy-duty fabric and can be easily configured into rapid deployment triage, decontamination, and observation areas. The additional lighting options make the areas easily identifiable.


Barrier by Design Security Barriers extend to any length to easily conceal construction zones from view. These heavy-duty panels conceal construction zones and prevent public access to dangerous areas, reducing risks. 


Events and VIP Protection

Barrier by Design Security Barriers are perfect for protecting privacy at high profile events. Hotels, stadiums, parks, and other event locations can easily set up expanded barrier systems to conceal private events.

Our Security Barriers are portable and fit in a vehicle trunk for rapid deployment to protect a VIP’s privacy. The quick and easy barriers can be used at entrances with an optional canopy to protect overhead views. 

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